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Polygraph Examiner

The polygraph is a lie detector and it is used to tell whether a person is telling the truth or not by measuring psychological indicators that include blood pressure, perspiration, pulse and skin conductivity.

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Live Scan Digital Fingerprinting

Live Scan is a digital fingerprinting procedure that substitutes conventional ink fingerprinting. This background check is carried out utilising an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which uses the scanned and encrypted fingerprint data to identify the person (AFIS).

Depending on the sort of state-issued licence, job, or volunteer activity, Live Scan may be needed.

Executive security services in the united states

Asp Equipment Sales And Training

ASP (Weaponry Systems and Procedures). We have the best products for security and law enforcement: batons, handcuffs, tactical flashlights, among others. Training and certification.

OEIS personal protection service

Private Investigations

Private investigator services throughout the United States. In our agency we have former officers from the DEA, the FBI, the IRS and the secret service.

OEIS personal protection service with ex-servicemen of the US forces

Process Servers

Service of a process server, delivery of legal documents. Delivery of official notifications. You need a company to deliver specific, legal documents, we take care of it and help you.

Private Investigation and Private Detective Service

Close Protection

Close Protection services for clients who need first-line physical protection from threats such as violent attacks, stalking, physical assault, kidnapping, or even attempted murder. We are highly trained to respond and react quickly in potentially dangerous situations. In addition to event escort duties, we also offer pickup/delivery services as well as home security.

Why should you choose us as your private security company?

  1. We employ off-duty military and law enforcement personnel who have the training and first-hand experience in executive protection.
  2. Our guards are trained in first aid, use of force, knife combat, firearms combat self-defense, personal protection, enhanced private investigations and security guard training
  3. We have acquired the best instructors in the field, including ex-cops, ex-police detectives, career private investigators, technology experts, ex-CSIS employees, and certified fraud examiners.
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Where we are located to contract the services of OEIS

Fields is the OEIS US Director who will personally handle your case at the office located in downtown Santa Monica.

He will be in charge of providing you with polygraph services, live scanning and private investigation.

What other services does OEIS offer in its offices?

In our offices we will explain all the processes of the court summons and summons services for the legal community.

We sell ASP products and carry out training for their correct use.

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