Process Servers

We Make Your Lives Easier

OEIS provides professional process servers that are registered in California. Our California process servers strive to deliver legal documents to the person in question. Save your time and money by choosing our process servers.

We deliver your legal documents in pristine condition anywhere in the state and our mission is to guide you and help you provide documents to the right person.

Process Service and Process Server

Are you confused about what a process server is? Well, a process server sends legal documents to a person involved in a case.

Moreover, the process server delivers all the documents in person. The only time it is okay to not deliver in person is by using an alternative method entertained by the laws of the state or a particular government.

Our processor servers are registered within the government’s rules and that’s what makes us credible and allows us to serve your legal documents in California.

For example, in California, the server should at least be 18 years old and not related to the case in question. They cannot be the Defendant, Respondent, Plaintiff, or Petitioner.

How We Work

Responsibilities of a Process Server

Our process server sends legal documents to the defendant or any individual that is a part of a lawsuit. We make sure to deliver the document according to the laws and the rules court.

Typically, the service incorporates sending the important files to the defendant or individual personally. Documents are also delivered to a legal person according to the state.

After the document gets delivered, the process server provides proof of delivery. There is a document that involves proving that the documents have been successfully delivered. The document is called “Proof of Service”

Once the document is delivered, it will be given to you by the process server so you can confirm whether or not the job has been done.

Process servers can also file any of your legal documents with the courts, manage documents, and also provide various other services to make things effective and easier for you.

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Do I Need a Process Server?

At OEIS, we understand that life can be full of twists. You might be having a lawsuit problem and for that, hiring a process server from a credible organization is vital. In some states, it is required by law that you must hire someone who is registered or licensed as a service of process.

So if you are in one of those states, then the answer is sure yes.

Or maybe you just want to save a lot of time. In that case, a process server takes out a lot of stress and delivers the legal documents effectively so you can focus on other important tasks.

We understand that not everyone is aware of all the small details when it comes to lawsuits. If you want to have your legal documents delivered professionally, then choosing our service will be an ideal option for you.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Our process servers are collaborative and work with a team to provide you with the greatest process services.
  • We use e-communications and mobile tech to deliver you the latest reports and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Our process servers are professional and master at prioritizing tasks.

Our Mission

Our mission involves providing you with the best customer experience and helping you achieve your goals. OEIS believes in building positive relationships with its clients and helping them in anything related to protection and document delivery.

We have a team of professional process servers who will help you, assist you, and solve all your problems regarding document delivery. Our servers will keep you updated with the status of the document and ultimately bring you the necessary peace number one priority.

We understand that your time and money are valuable. Whether you want to require our process servers for summons, complaints, landlord evictions, family courts, or any other types of filings, OEIS will always provide the best in class service to you.

Our Process

From serving your summoning, complaints, subpoenas, and statements of claims, to any other legal documents, OEIS has got you covered.

Occupancy Reports

Our process servers will provide full occupancy reports on your finding and attend locations for you.

Legal Searches

Our process servers will attend local courthouses on your behalf and search any court records for the requested documents. OEIS will also make copies of those documents and forward them to you to make the process efficient.

Filing and Issuance at Court

Our servers will attend local courthouses to issue documents. Whether it’s for the issuance of a new document or for adding to an existing file, we offer all sorts of issuing and filing services.

Work With OEIS for Process Serving

Our team of professionals executes the serving of legal documents on defendants and respondents. Our integrity and commitment speak from our experience of over 25+ years. Deliver your legal documents safely and effectively by working with OEIS.

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