Live Scan is a digital fingerprinting procedure that substitutes conventional ink fingerprinting. This background check is carried out utilising an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which uses the scanned and encrypted fingerprint data to identify the person (AFIS). Depending on the sort of state-issued licence, job, or volunteer activity, Live Scan may be needed.

Is a background check and a live scan the same thing?

Strictly speaking, this is a sort of criminal background check mandated by both the state and federal governments. People who work or volunteer with vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, dependent individuals, and children, may also be needed to undergo background checks. Submitted fingerprints will be matched against the government’s criminal record database.

What's the point of it?

People who work or volunteer with vulnerable citizens, the elderly, dependent individuals, or children may be asked to undergo a Live Scan.

Why is it generally needed?

Individuals from many walks of life, including but not limited to: real estate agents, licenced DMV professionals, notary publics, foster parents, instructors appraisers, stockbrokers, physicians surgeons and security guards, are required by the state and federal governments to undergo a Live Scan.

Where do I get my live scan performed?

OEIS Live Scan is situated in the heart of the city of Santa Monica, LA. We can also come to you!

Is it a dangerous or painful to undergo a Live scan?

Definitely not. A live scan procedure is not dangerous. Live Scan specialists are trained and qualified to use the Live Scan device to acquire fingerprints. For background checks, fingerprints are securely sent through electronic transmission to the proper FBI or DOJ-certified channelling agencies. At the time of the service, the finger printer will collect any applicable fees.

What is a requesting organization?

It is the asking agency’s job to ask a Live Scan candidate to undergo a screening. There are a variety of organizations that might be involved in this. Applicant agencies may alternatively be referred to as requesting agencies, depending on the context.