Executive Protection Team

Executive Security for all

OEIS Executive Protection Unit provides first-class executive protection and security services for political figures, athletes, celebrities, CEOs, business leaders, senior management, and anyone who requires additional security. Our experience with guarding such individuals sets us apart from the other companies that offer security.

  • Member of AFIMAC’s Special Operations Team
  • Conducted security operations specializing in strikes, executive protection, private investigations, corporate terminations and special security projects
  • Advised senior Afghan border officials on operational strategies for customs inspections and detection of narcotics, explosives, and other forbidden materials
  • Developed mentoring programs focused on operational strategies for customs inspections and detection of cross-border smuggling of narcotics, explosives, and other forbidden materials
  • Served as a sworn federal law enforcement official to investigate, interview, and evaluate applicants for entry into the United States
  • Conducted intensive operational analysis to identify training requirements, operational gaps, and counter-terrorism / security / border enforcement vulnerabilities
  • Created train-the-trainer (TTT) course for trainers of 13 different departments including nine government agencies involved in ports of entry interagency operations
  • Law Enforcement, Investigations and Security experience of 35 years
  • 28 years of service as RCMP and Peace Officer
  • Experienced in Criminal Investigations, Drugs, Immigration, National Security, Border Integrity, Assistance to CBSA, and Marine operations, both as investigator and Team Leader
  • Executive Protection and close protection of Domestic and Foreign leaders
  • Performed VIP Protection duties for Prime Minister Jean Chretien during his visit to Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Performed VIP room security for Prime Minister Stephen Harper on two occasions during his time as Leader of Canada
  • Performed VIP room security for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyanhu
  • Completed several courses from the Canadian Police College including, Organized Crime Investigation, Major Case Management, Human Source and Agent handling
  • Three-day division level training (1993)
  • Two-week division level training in VIP Security (2008)
  • Three-day division level training in Preparation for the G8 and G20 Summit (2010)
  • Close Protection Training with Hatem Amin. (2021)
  • Security, Special Operations, Investigations and VIP Protection Operations – 25 years
  • Supervised and led a number of police officers during his service in the MOI
  • Lead the protection team for the Ambassador 2001-2006
  • Security Protection Specialist in the Embassy of the United States of America in Cairo
  • Managed the protection Operation for the Ambassador, Protection equipment, and budget for the Embassy
  • Recipient of several superior and meritorious awards, the majority of which occurred during assignment to high threat environments
  • Bachelor degree in Law & Police Science
  • Multiple training courses in the Investigation, Special Operations, Evasive Driving, Protection Operations, and Tactical command
  • During his time with the FBI, Robert C worked as a Special Agent in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Division.
  • Robert was in charge of finding, analysing, and reacting to biological threats or occurrences on the military base.
  • On top of that, he supported measures to foster collaboration within government and with the life sciences sector, both locally and globally.
  • He is presently employed with OEIS PROTECTION, where he serves as the Counterintelligence Officer for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (CIO EDT).
  • At the OEIS Counterintelligence and Security Center, Robert serves as the principal adviser to the Director of Operations on threats to advanced biotechnologies and the bioeconomy.
  • He also provides advice to other senior intelligence officials on threats to advanced biotechnologies and the bioeconomy.
  • Robert has been personally engaged in policy-making initiatives with a particular emphasis on biosecurity.

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