cyber security agreement form

OEIS Investigative Services Agreement
1. Service Provision
OEIS commits to providing the Client with investigative services, potentially yielding written reports, recorded statements, documents, photos, video, audio, and other pertinent items as outlined herein. The Client acknowledges and agrees to accept such deliverables subject to this agreement's terms and conditions.

2. Payment Obligations
The Client shall compensate OEIS for all rendered services, irrespective of the outcome. OEIS expressly disclaims any warranties or guarantees regarding the investigation's success or the quality of results obtained. The Client acknowledges the inherent uncertainties in investigative work and agrees to furnish OEIS with accurate and truthful information to facilitate cost-efficiency. Misrepresentation by the Client may lead to assignment termination, retainer forfeiture, and potential legal consequences.

3. Indemnification and Confidentiality
The Client agrees to indemnify OEIS against all claims related to the provided information or services. Any knowledge of OEIS's practices acquired by the Client shall be deemed confidential and not disclosed outside this agreement's scope.

4. Investigation Confidentiality
Acknowledging the sensitivity of investigative work, the Client commits to maintaining the confidentiality of our relationship, safeguarding the integrity of the investigation, and ensuring the safety of OEIS personnel.

5. Investigative Due Diligence
OEIS shall conduct all investigations diligently, prioritizing the Client's interests while adhering to legal and ethical standards. All findings and conclusions presented are based on the information and facts available at the time.

6. Legal Compliance
OEIS will observe all relevant federal, provincial, and city laws in gathering information for this assignment.

7. Information Handling
All reports and collected information shall remain confidential, disclosed only as required by law or with the Client's explicit consent.

8. Advisory Limitations
OEIS does not provide legal, financial, insurance, or personal counseling services. Clients are encouraged to seek expert advice in these areas as needed.

9. Agreement Duration and Termination
This agreement remains in effect for the investigation's duration or until terminated by either party. Termination does not affect OEIS's right to payment for services rendered prior to the agreement's conclusion.

10. Billing and Payment
OEIS guarantees that billed work and research fees correspond to services performed for the Client. No charges will be applied for undelivered work.

11. Surveillance Material Quality
The Client acknowledges that surveillance materials may vary in quality due to operational constraints. OEIS commits to striving for the highest possible quality under given conditions.

12. Financial Terms
Services are rendered on a retainer basis, with the specifics determined per assignment. Any unused retainer funds will be refunded to the Client. Outstanding balances, inclusive of accrued expenses and investigation costs, are payable in full prior to the release of any reports or materials.

Incorporated Legal Frameworks

Consent Forms: Explicit consent will be obtained for all investigations, clearly outlining the investigation scope, data usage, and associated risks.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) will govern data access, ensuring confidentiality and adherence to legal standards.
Search Warrants and Court Orders: When applicable, legal authorization will be secured for data access, especially in cases crossing legal jurisdictions.
Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs): Collaborative efforts will be formalized through MOUs, detailing shared responsibilities and data handling protocols.
Key Considerations: Compliance with privacy laws, data ownership, purpose limitation, and security measures will underpin all investigative activities.

By selecting the service on our website and checking the corresponding box, the Client agrees to these terms, acknowledging their understanding and acceptance of the agreement's provisions.
1) OEIS shall provide Client with investigative services which may result in: written reports, recorded statements, documents, photos, video, audio, and other related items, as set forth by the terms and conditions below. Client agrees all the reports will be submitted and received subject to the conditions of this agreement.
2) Client agrees to pay OEIS for all services rendered regardless of the outcome of said services. OEIS has not made any warranties or guaranties as to the success of the investigation, research, or other matters in question. Due to the nature of investigative work, no warranties or guaranties can be given as to the success or quality of the results achieved. Client should understand that information obtained may not be that which is desired or in the favor of the Client. Client should understand, money can be saved by giving OEIS correct and truthful information prior to and during the case. Client attests that he/she/company has not misrepresented said Client for requesting services that OEIS provides. Client understands that knowingly supplying false, misleading, or incomplete statements or information to OEIS, relating to said assignment, will result in immediate termination on said assignment and forfeiture of all retainers and money paid to OEIS. Client understands that misrepresentation in this agreement may result in civil and/or criminal action against the Client/company. OEIS reserves the right to refuse service to the client for security, safety, unlawful, or immoral reasons. Honesty and integrity are what OEIS works by. We expect the same from the Client.
3) Client agrees to indemnify and hold OEIS harmless against all claims arising out of or related to the information or services of OEIS. Client agrees that certain information as it relates to the practices and procedures of OEIS may become known and Client specifically agrees that they will hold any such information as
confidential, not to be discussed with anyone outside the scope of this agreement.
4) Client acknowledges that the investigation will be or could be greatly damaged if the subject of this investigation were to become aware of the activities of OEIS relative to the case in progress and therefore agrees to keep our relationship confidential at all times during the investigation, as not to put OEIS's Investigator in danger or expose OEIS's involvement in this case to anyone.
5) OEIS agrees to conduct the investigation with due diligence to protect the interests of the Client and to the best of OEIS's abilities. All expressions made relative thereto are matters of OEIS and conclusions are opinion only, as facts and information given presented themselves.
6) OEIS will comply with all provisions of Federal, Provincial and City laws and regulations pertaining to obtaining all
information related to this assignment.
7) OEIS will keep and maintain all reports strictly confidential. Except where required by law or subpoena, no information from reports will be revealed to the person reported on or to any other person unless Client gives
8) OEIS is not a law agency and therefore does not provide legal advice, nor does it provide financial, insurance, or personal counseling services. Client is encouraged and advised to seek expert advice in these areas.
9) This agreement is valid for the duration of the investigation or until such time as it is cancelled by either party by written notice to terminate the agreement. No termination shall prejudice OEIS to collect payment for services completed prior to the termination of the agreement.
10) OEIS does warrant that all work and research fees that are billed will be performed on behalf of the client, and no charges will be made for work that is not done.
11) Reference Video Tape/Pictures, Client understands surveillance tapes and pictures are by their nature, NOT television studio-type productions and are often taken from long distances, from unusual locations, and during extreme weather conditions and as such, the quality can be variable. OEIS will proceed with due diligence to obtain the ABSOLUTE BEST quality video/audio and/or pictures that can be obtained given the circumstances. Audio recordings will be made with video as circumstances depict.
12) Client agrees to pay OEIS for its time, material, search fees, and services as follows:
All work is done under a retainer in which the amount will be set by OEIS on a case by case basis. This will be held as pre-payment for work to be done under this agreement. If work is completed and retainer funds remain, all remaining funds will be returned back to the Client. If the retainer is extinguished and Client wants to pursue the assignment, another retainer will be put in place, or the remainder may be billed at the completion of assignment, as OEIS chooses and due and payable upon receipt.
a.Client agrees that any balance owing on the agreement, together with accrued expenses, plus costs of the investigation, shall be due and payable in full, prior to any delivery of reports, tapes, videos, or any other materials relating to the assignment.
b.No court appearances will occur on behalf of OEIS until the case is paid in full. Any money not paid in full as agreed will be subject to a 1½ percent interest charge per month. Client further agrees to pay for all costs of collection plus attorney fees and court fees relating to collecting money due.
c.On all assignments which are expected to last longer than 30 days, that portion of the work that has been completed will be billed and payment will be due upon receipt of the invoice.
This agreement, established by OEIS, outlines the terms and conditions for providing cyber security and investigative services to the client. Services may encompass cyber security analysis, general investigations, background checks, and various surveillance activities, described as follows:

Investigative Rate: Cyber security cases are billed at an hourly rate of $165. General investigative services are billed at $110 per hour for each investigator involved. Billing starts from the moment the investigator departs the OEIS office and ends upon their return.

Background Check Fee: Each background check is subject to a fixed fee of $95, superseding any previous retainer fee arrangements.

Mileage: Mileage costs incurred during the investigation are billed at a rate between $0.85 and $1.00 per mile.

Payment Methods:

Payments via E-transfer are accepted through ZELLE at im@oeis.us.
Credit/Debit Card payments (Visa, MC, AMEX) are accepted with an additional service fee of 3%. Payments can be made by contacting the OEIS office or through the Quickbooks Invoice sent by the Executive Administrator.
Consultations: OEIS provides a complimentary consultation of up to 10 minutes daily per client. Consultation exceeding 10 minutes will incur charges at the hourly cyber security rate. For in-depth cyber security consultations, a fee of $175 is applicable.


Photographs taken during the investigation are processed at the OEIS facility and included in the client's report on a photo CD/USB.
Printed photos are available for purchase at $2.00 each for 4 x 6 prints and $5.50 each for 8 x 10 prints.
Court Appearances and Depositions: Charged at $125.00 per hour, this fee is additional to expenses incurred for travel, mileage, hotel stays, and standby time.

Covert Surveillance: The cost for covert video or audio surveillance will be determined based on the complexity of the operation and any potential risk to the investigator or agent.

Report Writing and Processing: Office tasks, including report writing and processing of media, are billed at $23.00 per hour. Extra copies of media are available at $20.00 each, and paper printouts are $.35 per page.

Administrative Fee: An administrative fee of 8½ percent will be applied to the total bill upon the completion of the investigation to cover secretarial and administrative expenses. All investigation materials will be released to the client upon full settlement of the payment.

Expenditure Cap: OEIS will not exceed a total investigation cost of $880 without receiving prior consent from the client. If the cap is reached without further authorization, the investigation will be paused until additional funding is secured.

Minimum Retainer: A minimum retainer of $1500 is required for all engagements, with OEIS reserving the right to request additional information to verify the client's identity.

This agreement is activated upon signatures from both the client and OEIS, granting OEIS the authorization to proceed with the investigation as per the outlined terms, conditions, and any attached addendums.
By selecting the consent box and submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree that my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature. I hereby consent to be legally bound by this agreement and affirm that my electronic signature on this and any future documents requiring a signature, should I choose to use electronic signing, is as valid as if I had signed the documents in ink.

I declare under penalty of perjury that my electronic signature, and any future electronic signatures I provide, are personally signed by me with full knowledge and consent, and I am legally bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and any related documents.
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Price: $150.00
($ Per Hour)

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