Covert Operations

What are Covert operations?

It’s called covert because it includes having a specialist lurking in the shadows to keep you safe. We have a team of plainclothes executive protection executives who are near enough to react swiftly to a danger, but not noticeable to the typical passerby.

Executive Protective Services

When it comes to protecting a high-profile individual, covert protection is a better alternative than other solutions. Among the advantages are:

Making it easier for the executive to identify possible problems since they blend into the background, allowing them to react more efficiently as they may catch the threat off guard, therefore reducing the risk of a confrontation.

Added Protection

One of the most compelling reasons to hire covert executives is that it provides better protection and peace of mind. Whatever your personal or professional status, covert executive protection provides you with the protection you need to go about your day-to-day activities with the assurance that you are protected from danger.

A Two-Step Approach to Risk Assessment and Risk Management

An exhaustive risk assessment is the first step in the covert executive protection process at OEIS. As part of this evaluation, we’ll go through all the hazards you face—both existing or potential—and the best ways to deal with them.

It is from this information that a risk management strategy is developed by one of our protection experts. To keep you and/or your loved ones safe, our executives will follow this strategy.

The Best in Executive Protective Services

Overt execution protection is taken very seriously by OEIS. That’s why our executives are well-trained and always trying to enhance their abilities and methods. Many of our leaders have previously held protection-related roles, such as those in the military or law enforcement, prior to joining our company.

If you have any questions regarding our covert executive protection services or would want to set up a risk assessment, please contact us now.