Close Protection Service and Body Guards in California

Protecting VIPs and High Profile Individuals - California

OEIS is home to the most prestigious Close Protection Service in California. We understand how important your protection is and why you need protection from underlying obvious threats. Famous or high-profile people require security to get their work done.

Our close protection services cater to people who are prone to threats like harassment, physical aggression, kidnapping, assassinations, violent assault, and more.

High-profile individuals and identities are prone to a plethora of threats like stalkers, paparazzi, unwanted attention, domestic threats, and a lot more. Our close protection service provides a chance to have the freedom and the mental piece so you can focus on achieving your goals and objectives.

Highly Trained Close Protection Bodyguards

Our close protection bodyguards have 25+ years of experience and our staff contains some of the most highly trained ex-military and ex-police officers. We understand that the world is not safe, especially for important and VIP people.

That’s why, with our highly-trained professionals and expertise in winning the security services industry, we provide you with the best solution.

From protecting our clients from all sorts of threats to pick-up and drop-off services, OEIS focuses on making life easier and more secure.

How We Work

Why Work with Us?

Even the wealthiest and most important people don’t feel secure in America as a whole. Nowadays, high-profile people like celebrities, government officers, influencers, and politicians are on a brink of threat.

We understand how risky it can be. Robbers, carjackers, and terrorist organizations are always planning their next move. Our job is to protect you from all types of threats so you will have close protection with you always.

In the heat of the moment, our professionals will only have one job. It is to protect you from all sorts of dangers. Since we have over 25+ years of experience, our close protection bodyguards know how to adjust according to the situation and protect you from hurt.

When it comes to protecting businesses and people, OEIS isn’t just your regular security firm. He has served over 100+ clients over the past 25+ years.

Our growth has been substantial over the years and we have worked with some of the most high-profile people, providing them with protection against various threats.

No matter what field our clients are working in, our close protection operatives in California can deal with a vast range of emergencies.

Benefits of Working With Our Close Protection Security Team

24-Hour Protection

Our close protection security incorporates 24-hour protection. We keep everything confidential while making sure that no one will be able to harass you.

Our team contains highly trained professionals who have the job of solely protecting you at all times and eliminating any potential threats that might be occurring.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

For our clients, we also offer pickup and drop-off services along with home security. We understand how threats can happen out of nowhere. So wherever you would like us to pick from and drop off, we also have those services available too.

Specialized Staff

Our staff is specifically trained to keep you safe. We have excellent communication systems along with professional bodyguards that will assist you and keep you safe all the time.

Protection Services for Parties

Parties are fun! But the fun can be taken away if there are uninvited guests or criminals there to crash that party. That’s why OEIS offers full party control so you won’t have to worry about anything. Even if you want to spend time at someone else’s party, we have got you covered!

Private Security

OEIS also deals in private security for high-profile people. From conducting investigations, protecting people, property, and safeguarding assets, our guards have 25+ years of experience with successful ventures to assist you and have you enjoy a life full of freedom.

Successful Leadership and Extreme Accountability

We understand the importance of communication, teamwork, and leadership when it comes to protecting our high-profile and high-value clients wherever they came from.

Our mission incorporates dispatching a team of specialists who take extreme accountability and responsibility for your safety, security, and logistics.

Superior Communication

Since close protection is a two-way street, we believe in adapting to your needs while listening to your requirements. We love your feedback throughout every stage of the protection and optimize our systems after we get your feedback.

Give us your input and we will make the necessary changes to create a customized plan just for you. Our priority is protecting your life and providing an optimal solution.

Need Security? We Protect You 24/7

Do you need security at maximum? OEIS provides 24/7 professional close protection service that you can leverage and focus on the task at hand. Leave the heavy lifting to us because we value your life!

If you want to discuss or hire our close protection service, call us at +1-866-664-0222 or Contact Us.