What is your primary service area? Do you frequently send EP teams across the country?

OEIS is based in the Province of Ontario, primarily in the Golden Horseshoe stretching to the Greater Toronto Region. OEIS has not only expanded to Middle East, but also to Southern California in our US operations where we have set up a bureau in Santa Monica California. Should our mission commence in Ontario we would travel anywhere nationwide to complete our task.

How experienced is your EP team?

Most of our operatives are ex law-enforcement or Military with extensive experience in the industry. This will become apparent in their bios.

Do you have any references you don't mind us calling?

As a courtesy, the information with respect to our present clients is highly classified. We are certain that from the bios you receive from us, you can ascertain the quality of the operatives that you will work with, when dealing with OEIS.

What kind of training do you provide to your personnel?

Most of our operatives have ex law enforcement and military training. Additionally, refresher training is provided to all our operatives at least three times a year.

What do they wear?

OEIS operatives usually wear Suit and tie. If requested, the operatives will dress according to the clients needs and requests.

Do you own your EP vehicles? If you rent them, do you have contacts at local vehicle rental agencies you can utilize?

OEIS is partnered with local and international dependable suppliers who we can rely on in short notice. Not only do we have connections with rental agencies, but also with high quality hotels that we can obtain at a moments notice.

What kind of comms do you use?

OEIS employs Motorola portable radios, cellular phones along with geofencing software, BluSteel technology, and GPS trackers.

How many EP operatives could you pull in around 48 hours?

Without a doubt six to eight solid, trained, professional operatives. No excuses, no issues.